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Archives for April 2007

Get a Job and have Personal Finance Success

For good reason, we spend a lot of time focusing on the outflows (saving, spending, etc…) of our personal finances. And a majority of the posts in this series will do so. But this list would be incomplete unless we included a post on the inflow: INCOME! Let’s break down our experience with the earning […]

Pay Off Your Credit Card Debt and Have Personal Finance Success

Do you have debt? I have carried my share of credit card debt. I signed up for my first two credit cards in college (you know, to get the free t-shirt). By the time I left college I had a decent amount of debt and two worn out t-shirts. I wasn’t paying this off every […]

Debt Reduction Goals – Nov. 2011

We are currently debt free except for the mortgage. We still use credit cards, but we pay them off completely at the end of the month. I can tell you that it’s a wonderful feeling that debt is no longer a major factor in our life. We’ve dealt with credit cards, student loans, car loans, […]

Track Monthly Expenses and have Personal Finance Success

Alright, number one is something I was doing long before I had my financial act together. I think I started doing this around the fall of 2001, right when I moved to Texas; I started tracking my regular monthly expenses. It was really simple actually. I simply listed out the days of the month in […]

My First 401(k) Rollover

I just mailed off my 401(k) rollover application along with the distribution check from my previous employer’s plan. I recently changed jobs, and this is the first time I’ve been able to roll my 401(k) balance over. At previous job changes, I didn’t have a balance to roll over. Sadly, I didn’t really get into […]

Roth IRA vs 401K: Which is Better?

Today I stumbled upon an article over at CNN Money by Walter Updegrave. He answers a readers question about the choice between a Roth IRA and a 401(K): “I’m 25 and recently switched employers. Although my new company provides a lucrative profit-sharing plan that everyone is automatically enrolled in after one year of work, my […]

The Best Place to Watch the Next UFC Fight (PPV at Home vs. Hooters)

I enjoy watching the occasional Ultimate Fighting Championship fight. Who doesn’t? I think the UFC has a big future, both financially, and from a sporting perspective. The current UFC owners (along with President, Dana White) have done much to legitimize the sport and to bring it into the mainstream (i.e. gloves, no biting). I try […]