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Archives for May 2007

Man vs. Debt

One of my favorite new tv shows on The Discovery Channel is Man vs. Wild. The program follows Bear Grylls (one of the youngest ever to climb Everest) as he survives harsh conditions with minimal resources and finds his way back to civilization. I learn something new each episode and Bear seems to have fun […]

Put Your Savings in an Online Savings Account

Put Your Savings in a High-Interest Savings Account For this post, we’ll look at the advantages of opening a high-interest savings account. Do you have savings in a bank? Most of us do since most banks will automatically attach a savings account to your checking account. If you have been wise enough to set money […]

Have You Played The Grocery Game?

Have you heard of The Grocery Game? No, I’m not talking about a game people play on The Price Is Right. But I am talking about a way to save a significant amount of money on the items you buy at the grocery store. Here’s how it works, according to the site: “The Grocery Game […]

Contribute to your Employer 401k and Get the Match to have Personal Finance Success

Contribute to your Employer’s 401(k) The previous post in this series covered the importance of getting a job. Once you have that job, you’ll most likely have the opportunity to begin saving for retirement by making pre-tax contributions to your employer sponsored retirement plan. In most cases, this is the 401(k). Some basics on the […]

Go to the Movies – Money Saving Tips

Spider-Man 3 Opened May 4th, 2007.  According to Wikipedia, “the film’s budget is officially $258 Million, which makes it the most expensive film ever made in nominal U.S. dollars…”  With movies costing so high, you know they count on us consumers getting out to the actual theater to shell out the big bucks.  With tickets […]