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Archives for June 2007

How Can Three Weeks Overseas Help You Spend Less?

I’m overseas right now, and will be for two more weeks. My company has me here on a special project. I was able to bring my wife, so it’s been sort of a vacation for us. Luckily, my company picks up our hotel, my flight, and my meals. While my wife’s airfare was expensive, and […]

Withdraw from your IRA for a Bigger Down Payment

We’re purchasing a home this year, and we’re shooting for a 20% down payment. We’re pretty close already, but we want to make sure we have plenty for the down payment, the closing fees, immediate furniture purchases, and still have plenty in our emergency fund. One thing we’ve decided we could do is withdraw from […]

What Gift to Give a High School Grad?

Last month I asked the question of what money book to get a high school graduate? The reason is that I have a brother-in-law graduating from high school next week. We want to get him something for his upcoming college expenses. However, as the title suggests, we would also like to give him a few […]