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Archives for May 2008

My Company ESPP Has Become My New Property Tax Escrow

You, Me, and ESPP For a few weeks now my company has been touting their Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP).  I’m new to the company and have never participated in one of these before, so I really didn’t know what to think.  I already have some company stock (via options) from when I was hired.  In […]

Shifrins and Wisneskis: The Latest Millionaires in the Making

A reader informed me today that CNN Money has rolled out a couple of new Millionaire in the Making profiles.  I’ve updated my complete list of Millionaire in the Making series profiles to include these two new couples.  I’ve also subscribed to CNN Money’s Personal Finance Feed so I wouldn’t miss another new profile.  I read […]

10 Things Series Revisited

The “10 Things” Series Is Complete I’ve finally completed my series of post (for beginners) that listed the 10 things that we’ve done that I believe has brought success with our personal finances.  Just last week I posted #10.  This series is essentially my story with money: #1 Track Your Regular Monthly Expenses #2 Pay Off Your […]

How to Lower Your Property Taxes

New property values have been made public and you may be surprised by a leap in your home’s estimated value. This is great if you want to sell your house soon. Otherwise, this increase only means higher property taxes! Even if your home hasn’t increased in value, you may want to lower your existing property […]

Advice For New College Graduates

Last week I was flipping through the latest issue of Money Magazine and I picked up three great tips for new college graduates. I’ve written before about advice for a high school graduate and I’ve shared a bit about my own college experience, but I haven’t written specific to the college grad.  So, check out […]

How to Be Intentional with Your Money [Keys to Financial Success]

I’ve made two big changes internally that have led to a better financial life. The first is taking ownership, which you can read about here. The second big change is: being intentional. To do this, I had to let my daily choices be a result of my previously set goals, not spur of the moment […]

How to Take Ownership of Your Money [Keys to Financial Success]

Want some introspection? There are two big changes that took place within me in order for me to begin to have success in my personal finances. The first was taking ownership. I’ve found that I can create change more easily in my life when I first take ownership for my situation. Somewhere along the way I […]

Extreme Savers: A Closer Look

Extreme Savers Biking to work, cutting your own hair, growing your own veggies, buying your clothes on EBay. While most of us don’t live this kind of lifestyle, some people do go to these extreme measures to maximize the amount of money they can put away into savings. CNN Money did a series of articles […]

The Crazy Frugal Things We Did for Our Wedding

Today I want to share some of the frugal ideas I have for a wedding. Allow me first to share my general thoughts on weddings and then to share some of the things my wife (Mrs. PT) and I did to avoid spending too much on our wedding. Our Wedding Story Honestly, we didn’t have […]

How to Bargain in a Slow Economy

You should never pay full price unless you absolutely have to.  With the economy in a slow period there are more deals to be had.  I present some tips on how to bargain. Be Nice Don’t set out to offend anyone.  I have a hard time doing this with car salesmen.  🙂  Seriously, show your appreciation for […]