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Archives for August 2008

Make An Easy $10 | Send Me Your Capital One 360 $25 Bonus Referral Links

Here at Prime Time Money I’ve referred a lot of people to Capital One 360’s Online Savings Account. It’s one of my favorite financial products and I’ve enjoyed seeing more than 50 people open up savings accounts with Capital One 360 using the referral links I’ve posted on my Capital One 360 $50 Bonus page. As a […]

New Car or Used Car: A Reader Debates Which Is The Smarter Purchase

New or Used Car Today I welcome long time reader, commentator, and now contributor J, to discuss whether it’s smarter to purchase a new car or a used car.  J is a self-storage business professional, lives in Massachusetts, and is soon to be finishing his bachelors in business administration. J recently purchased a new ride […]

Proof That Going “Cash Only” Works

I recently stumbled upon an article and video about a couple who went cash only for a month to see if they could curtail some of their spending (a method I’ve deployed in the past and blogged about here at Prime Time Money). The video from the story is titled, “Paper or Plastic?” and the […]

American Airline’s AAdvantage Gold and Platinum Challenge

If you’re like me and travel a great deal for work, you’re probably a frequent flyer on American Airlines. If so, you need to learn the secret of the AA Gold and Platinum Challenges. I say secret because AA doesn’t openly promote this great money saving plan. This is basically a fast track to the […]

Millionaires in the Making: The Rodrigueses

Check it out.  Money Magazine just featured another Millionaire in the Making profile: The Rodrigueses.  I’ll add this one to my complete list of Millionaires in the Making, and discuss their profile below. Not into future millionaires?  Check out this list of Extreme Savers. The Rodrigueses At first glance, I thought the Rodrigueses were just […]

That Fat Stack Of Cash Is Gonna Feel Real Nice: FNBO’s Pay Yourself First Challenge

We Won Top 5!!! That’s right.  I was selected as a top five contestant of the FNBO Direct’s Pay Yourself First Challenge.  Awesome! If you missed my video entry, be sure and check it out: “Pay Yourself First” by PT Money.  This means several things: What This Means: 1. I get a free trip up […]

Help Me Fix My Money Problems

Today’s post is all about helping others with their money problems.  Whether it be not living within their means (spending habits), not saving enough, getting in too much debt, or simply being wasteful with money.  This is something that’s weighed heavily on my mind lately.  As I make progress with my own finances, I begin […]

Yo! PT Money Raps

What happens when you mix mad money skills and hardcore street rap talent with a video pro? This: A very talented friend and I made this video for FNBO Direct’s Pay Yourself First Challenge. We ended up winning $500 and I interview today to see if I make it in the top 5. The top […]

NeoBudget Review: Your Tool to Follow the Envelope System

I was recently contacted by Luke from Tebros Systems about helping to bring awareness to the online envelope system budgeting tool, NeoBudget. I checked it out and thought the tool looked slick, useful, and very reasonably priced. Definitely worthy of a mention. Before I decided to share more about this system I checked out the […]

Our Financial Goals: Savings and Debt Reduction

Goals From the Past If you’ve been following Prime Time Money for some time you know I like to share a couple of personal specifics here on the blog: savings goals and debt reduction goals.  I do this as a way to motivate myself to stay on top of things and eventually reach my goals, […]

What To Do With $50K?

If you were given $50,000USD (tax free) today, what would you spend it on? That’s the question on Hank’s (from My Investing Blog) mind.  So here’s my answer: 50K would be enough for me to split amongst different goals. I’d pay off a little debt (5K), build a better cash savings (5K), buy another piece […]

The Ridiculously Simple Way to Truly Save More Money (Starting Today!)

Here in the personal finance blog-o-sphere there’s a ton of talk everyday about how to “save money”. In fact, I doubt a day goes by without a post with those words in the title. I get in on the action too. One of my categories is actually “How To Save Money.” But often times, the […]