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Archives for December 2008

How to Paint a Room for Less

Occasionally I’ll use PT Money to present some of the Do-It-Yourself projects I’ve done around my house.  While this isn’t directly related to the main theme of the site, hopefully it will provide some motivation to try your own money-saving project.  If I can do it, you can! Today I thought I would share some tips I picked […]

Roth IRA Contribution Deadline: When You File Your Taxes

This post explains how you can contribute to your Roth IRA up until the date you file your taxes. First, let me tell you about my retirement savings goals. I plan on doing a full post looking back on my goals later this month, but for now I’d like to address this one aspect: my […]

PYF Challenge Update: New Promo Videos Unveiled

This past weekend I was excited to find that FNBO Direct had recently uploaded some more promotional videos for the Pay Yourself First (PYF) Challenge. With some tweaking I was able to share them here in HD format. This first video is an introduction to the PYF Challenge, the contestants, and the experts, Liz Weston […]

5 Gifts That Will Bring Your Family Together This Christmas

Is your family in need of more quality time? Here are 5 gifts you could give your family this Christmas that are sure to lead to more time together: A Tent Camping is one of my favorite frugal family activities. A nice, solid tent is a necessity when it comes to heading outdoors. Surprise the […]

How Young People Should Handle Credit Cards

Congratulations! You have just come into a couple hundred bucks for free. Time to go spend away. Well actually, not quite. This money is not free and unfortunately loaning it is not even free. Chances are that if you are a college student, credit card companies are literally throwing themselves at you around campus so […]