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Archives for October 2009

High-Deductible Health Insurance Plan Plus HSA

General Motors recently announced that they are moving towards higher deductible insurance plans. Such things wouldn’t normally be news worthy. But here we are in the middle of a government controlled health care battle. Every piece of health care news seems to have an impact. So, should you consider moving to a high-deductible plan, if […]

52 Ways to Make Extra Money …Revisited

I’ve created a download-able version of my most popular post, 52 Ways to Make Extra Money. This book is available for download right now. But this isn’t just a rehash of the old post. With the help of some friends I was able to provide much more detail for selected ideas (around 15). The guide […]

What Happened When We Stopped Spending Money for a Whole Week

Remember 7th grade and the science experiments? Ah, good times. Well, today I’m not going to make you dissect a frog. We’ll be looking at more of a monetary experiment. Just a few more days till the end of the month, right? I’ll get paid and we’ll have a little more breathing room in the […]

Not My Debt. What Do I Do?

What should you do when you have unpaid debt in your name that’s not exactly your debt? I recieved this email from a reader and thought I’d share with you guys (my emphasis added): “I went to work for a man 5 years ago and he wanted me to have a credit card but the bank […]

The Money Map by Crown Financial Ministries

 Below is my interview with Jason Price from about the Money Map:   What is the Money Map? The Money Map is a tool which helps guide your financial journey to a destination where retirement is funded and you’re in a position to be more generous with time and money. It has 6 destinations […]

15 Surprising Places You Can Trim Your Budget

When it’s time to take a serious look at your budget and find places to save and downgrade, you probably already know that all the fun stuff like extra shopping, the good beer and wine, and dinners out are the first to get slashed. But when you’ve already cut back on entertainment and are looking […]