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Archives for November 2009

Take Real Savings Action: Start a Savings Goal with SmartyPig

This is my review of the SmartyPig Savings Account. I’ve added a new bank to my list of top high-yield online savings accounts. It’s called SmartyPig. I know it doesn’t sound like a bank, but it is. And they offer a very competitive interest rate. Currently, one of the highest on my list. SmartyPig is […]

Love Them or Hate Them, Make the Most of Gift Cards this Holiday Season

The holiday shopping season is upon us. Many consumers will be heading out stores soon to find the best deals on stuff they want or stuff they want to give others. “Stuff” has it’s place in this gift-giving season, but gift cards are actually one of my favorites items to give and to receive for […]

PocketSmith: A Calendar-Based Financial Planner

Tracking Your Future Cash Flow Do you remember my Excel-based Monthly Expense Tracker? I used to use it religiously to keep track of my future spending and saving goals. This was great because it allowed me to avoid over-drafting my accounts, and helped me to stay focused on reaching my savings and debt reduction goals. Looking  towards your […]