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Archives for December 2009

The Best Charge Cards (vs Credit Cards)

Do you have a charge card? Do you know what it is? Would you ever need one versus a debit card or a credit card? Today I’m going to look into charge cards: a bit of their history, their advantages / disadvantages, as well as some of the best charge cards available today. History of […]

Everything You Need to Know About the SEP IRA

This article contains information on the SEP IRA contribution limits. As a self-employed business owner, you may be looking for the right kind of plan to save for retirement. But it is easy to become overwhelmed about which is best for your situation or your company. For self-employed individuals, the SEP IRA may be one […]

Hunting for Treasure: Estate Sale Tips and My Recent Experience

Last weekend I went on my first big estate sale trip. I’ve done plenty of garage sales in the past, but I’ve never experienced the craziness that is the estate sale. I definitely recommend it. It’s something everyone should experience at least once. If only to find out what happens to your stuff when you […]

Suggested Asset Allocation for Your 529 Plan

Since we’ve been covering college savings and 529 plans here lately, I thought it made sense to have a quick discussion about how you might consider investing your funds with your 529 savings plan. Let’s discuss how to achieve a proper asset allocation within your 529 plan. What is Asset Allocation? Asset allocation is spreading […]

Credit Score Secrets Revealed: FICO Negative Points

We’ve known for a while now what actions will negatively affect your credit score and what steps to take to improve your score. But what we haven’t known is the specific number of negative points you’ll be hit with for certain actions. Liz Weston, Financial Columnist and friend, recently showed of her persuasive skills by getting […]