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Archives for June 2010

5 Things to Know About Roth IRA Withdrawals

We spend a lot of time talking about contributions to a Roth IRA and how to open a Roth IRA. And rightfully so. The hard part is starting up and sticking to a retirement investing plan. Pulling the money out is easy. But there are some rules you should be aware of. If you are […]

The Quest for the Perfect Credit Score

Your credit score is a numerical representation of what’s in your credit history file. It’s supposed to represent how credit worthy you are. Why should you care? Well, lenders use your credit score as a factor when considering you. So, it’s not a stretch to assume that you would want to raise your credit score […]

5 Good Things Your Money Can Do…for Others

When it comes to personal finance, it’s easy to be a bit self-centered. We ask questions like: How much can I save? How can I make more money? How much do I need to retire? We spend a lot of time focusing on fixing our own problems. Now I’m not here to knock personal responsibility […]

What is Peer to Peer Lending?

Peer to peer lending is an alternative to traditional institutional lending. In peer lending, or social lending as it’s sometimes called, the banks and credit card companies are bypassed and a middle-man company manages loans from people to other people. Money is lent, money is borrowed, money is paid back. Simple. The idea is that […]

Stay Cool When Saving Money on the Electric Bill

As the weather heats up for me here in Texas, my electric bill tends to rise as well. The culprit is obviously my A/C. The air conditioner uses a massive amount of electricity to do it’s thing. I’m glad I have it, but the costs can be surprising, especially in older homes. But saving money […]

Obama Credit Card Debt Relief: Will the President Pay Your Debts?

Will the President pay off your debts? No. He won’t. There is no such thing as Obama credit card debt relief or an Obama credit card bailout program. These are simply marketing tactics used by debt relief companies to make you think you’ll get something for free. The Google ads adjacent to this article might […]

3 Critical Things You Should Do to Stop Car Repossession (If You Can’t Pay)

Not Paying Your Car Note Leads to Ugliness I just got a visit from the repo man last night. Not a pretty scene. My neighbor is apparently behind on his car payments and his lender has had enough. They’ve called on the dogs, who are using any means necessary to get the car. Including accusing […]

Money Market Mutual Funds

One subject I’ve never covered here on the blog is money market mutual funds. I really don’t use them, so I never had a reason before. But a lot is changing in the money market fund world, so I thought I’d share some information about them. Money Market Mutual Fund vs Money Market Account Money […]

Paying Off Debt Faster with Savvy Money

Update: Savvy Money (formerly Debt Goal) is no longer in the business of helping you get out of debt. They will, however, help you monitor your credit (like a Credit Karma or Credit Sesame). If you’d like to check out another get out of debt tool, we recommend you check out the Pay Off Debt app. […]

What is a Really Good Credit Score?

I was talking with a friend the other day and they mentioned that they thought they had a really good credit score. What number pops into your head when you hear that? 750? 825? I really didn’t have a specific number. I guess something in the high 700s was what I thought of. But is […]

Help This Reader: Short Sell, Rent Out, or Refinance?

I received an email recently from a reader with questions about her housing situation. She offered to lend her story to the blog in exchange for a few answers from other readers. If you have some insight on what she should do, I encourage you to leave your response in the comments below… We bought […]

Easy [Do-It-Yourself] Tri-Merge Credit Report for Free

Tri Merge Credit Report A tri merge credit report, or 3 in 1 credit report is just what it sounds like. It’s a report that combines the information from the three major credit reporting agencies, and presents it in one easy to consume report. The three major bureaus all report different information. Some may be […]