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Archives for August 2010

WTDirect Online Savings Account Review

Do you have a high cash balance and need a good place to stash those funds other than a CD or traditional savings account? If so, you might consider WTDirect. WTDirect was started in 2006 as the online savings arm of Wilmington Trust FSB, a company that is owned by the Wilmington Trust Company, who […]

The Cost of Owning a Car in the City

The other day on Dave Ramsey’sFacebook wall the topic of conversation was how to save on cars. 10 years ago it would have sounded funny to me if someone said they didn’t have a car, but now it sounds smart. Boston is definitely the kind of city where it makes sense to not own a […]

Is Lasik Surgery Worth It? My Story

I had Lasik surgery a few years ago. Just before I started this blog actually. I can’t believe I’ve never shared my experience with you guys. It’s a good example of spending a big chunk of money on a want (and need). I say want and need because for some people Lasik can be more […]

Is College Still Worth the Debt?

Last week I wrote a piece on how student loans and credit card debt can’t hurt your chances of efficiently building wealth using a college degree. To add to that conversation, I’ve brought in Scott Crawford, CEO of Debt Goal to share his thoughts on the value of education, reasons for rising costs, and what […]

Kids Can Make Extra Money: 5 Businesses Your Money-Wise Kids Can Start Today

In today’s economy, many adults have to learn new skills in order to make extra money and save money. Often these new money making skills seem awkward, as they may not be what the individual has been used to in the past. Learn About Money Now Rather Than Later In order to have a head […]

How to Set Up Your Finances for College

As you go off to college, you’re probably taking care of a lot of details-where you’ll live, the things you’ll bring, the classes you’ll take. But have you thought about your financial details? As you get set up in this new stage of life, don’t forget to pay attention to your college finances. Banking for […]

HSA Insurance: What Makes an Insurance Plan HSA Compatible?

I currently have an high deductible health insurance plan for my family. It’s great because it’s fairly inexpensive and it will cover us if anything major happens (except a baby, that is). Plus, it’s HSA compatible, so I get to start stashing cash into my health savings account (HSA). HSA insurance is the way to […]

Why You Weren’t Hired for the Job

I’ve been interviewing for jobs a lot over the past couple of months. Without getting into too many details, our situation is such that I need to find full-time employment again in my old career. I’m confident that I will eventually find a job, but the process has been tough on me. After a couple […]

Frugal Travel to New York: My $400 3-Night Trip

What’s the most economical trip you’ve ever taken? I have to brag a little here. I just took a 3-night trip to New York and spent only $410. Here’s how the costs broke down: Flight (DFW to LGA): $213 There’s no doubt about it. I lucked out on airfare. To my credit, I booked a […]

Free Prepaid Debit Cards

We no longer support this card category. If you’re looking to build credit, consider a secured credit card. Prepaid cards are primarily a short-term financial solution for the un-banked. However, there are a few other reasons to take advantage of the many free prepaid debit cards available today. You may need a card for your […]

Does a College Education Equal Financial Security and Wealth?

More education usually equals more earnings, right? People who don’t finish high school earn less on average that people who do. And people who go on to get a college degree earn more on average than those people who don’t. But neither one is a guarantee of wealth. There are plenty of people who are […]

Retiring Abroad to Paradise: Possible, But it’s Not Without Risks

Okay, so with the Baby Boomer generation facing retirement, you are going to start seeing a great deal of advertisements and articles proclaiming the perfect retirement solution: Retire to the developing world! In the scenario being touted, you will live like a king in your beachfront property, eat out at a restaurant four days a […]