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Archives for September 2010

Should You Be Renting Your Home?

I was reading through Doug Warshauer’s new book, If I’m So Smart, Where Did All My Money Go?, and he pointed out something I have a hard time arguing with. He essentially says that, financially speaking, we should have probably continued renting a home back in 2007. We ended up buying. Doug says (in the […]

5 Tips to Help Your Tires Last Longer

Now that we don’t have a car payment on our Honda, which just hit 100,000 miles, our biggest annual car expense seems to be tires. I just spent $300 on two front tires. We don’t really drive that much but it seems like we quickly wear out our tires. The reason that we wear them […]

The Different Faces of the Variable Interest Rate

What is a variable interest rate? A variable interest rate is just what it sounds like: an interest rate that varies over time. It’s the opposite of a fixed interest rate, which remains the same over time. Variable interest rates are generally used by financial institutions to move the rates on their products up and […]

Mystery Shopper Jobs: Deciphering the Mystery

With thousands of Americans still claiming unemployment every week there are many people coming to the end of their ropes. Unemployment is running out, the rent is due, and they’ll do just about anything to make ends meet. That’s when the offer comes in. A new gig that can help you make extra money that […]

15 More Things You Shouldn’t Be Paying For

I recently hammered out an article for the fine folks over at US News, entitled, “Stick it to the Man: 15 Things You Should Never Pay For.” The post received a lot publicity and stirred up a lot of interesting discussion (over 4,800 comments and 1,000 re-tweets once the article was syndicated on Yahoo!). I […]

Credit Card Alternatives for College Students

Did the CARD Act kill the college student credit card? I recently shared my list of the best credit cards for college students. With school starting up here in the U.S., that post is getting a lot of traffic. This is somewhat surprising because of the recent changes created by the CARD Act. To get […]

Greed is Good: Is it Really, Gordon Gekko?

“Greed is good.” You’ve heard that line before. But do you know where it’s from? It was taken (incorrectly) from a quote from the 1987 movie Wall Street. Gordon Gekko and Wall Street the Movie In the movie Wall Street, corporate raider Gordon Gekko, the fictional character played by Michael Douglass, gives a great speech […]

7 Things to Know About Credit Card Default

When a credit card company approves you for an account they issue you a line of credit. This credit card limit is the maximum you can borrow with the credit card company. Let’s say that amount is $5,000. That $5,000 line of credit is an unsecured line of credit. Unsecured credit does not have an […]

A Review of APMEX – The American Precious Metals Exchange

There’s been a lot of chatter about companies like Goldline and Cash4Gold ripping customers off by charging (and offering) outrageous prices for Gold.  As it stands today, Gold is trading for around $1,250 an ounce, making it a very rare commodity for traders and investors.  Silver on the other hand is trading at exactly $20 […]

9 Largest Collections (of Junk?) in the World

As evidenced by the premier of A&E TV’s Hoarders this week, it’s sometimes hard to tell the difference between one of the largest collections from a pile of junk. I guess that’s why they say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Are you a collector, or a hoarder? Is the value you gain from […]