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Archives for January 2011

PTM 006: Making Extra Money by Creating Vintage T-Shirts for Dogs, with Cara Bergeson of

In this episode of the Part-Time Money podcast I speak with Cara Bergeson, creator of In her part-time small business, Cara makes custom t-shirts for dogs out of the material from vintage t-shirts. It’s really a one-of-a-kind business. Cara started this business a few years ago as a way to express her creative side, […]

3 Free Credit Scores From

Over the last 18 months, I’ve made a valiant effort to bring my credit score out of the dumps.  With a mountain of student loan debt and other debt from when I working a very low paying job, I found out my credit score was in the middle 400’s. To be honest, I wouldn’t be […]

Interesting Findings When You Stop Using Your Credit Cards

Have you ever stopped using a credit card for an extended period of time? What happened? Did the card company close down your account? Did they lower or raise your spending limit? Visit the comments below and let me know. A reader recently emailed me with a question about maxing out reward points from credit […]

What to do When You Get a Raise

Isn’t getting a raise a great feeling? You get an increase in your paycheck and feel like you’ve added value and have been appreciated by your boss. There’s also a cause for celebration, right? After all, you’ve received some extra money in your wallet and there’s nothing wrong with celebrating over a nice dinner with friends […]

Changing Careers: Are You a Burnout, or a Cross-Functional Dynamo Seeking a Challenge?

The good news to be taken from such an obnoxious title is that if you’re an attractive candidate in your current career, you’ll be an attractive candidate in another. Assuming you’re looking at a lateral move, or relatively equal-level job in a new career, you’ve got a good chance in succeeding. The premise: if you […]

PTM 005: Making Extra Money By Turning Your Hobby into a Small Business with Jeff Block of

In this episode of the Part-Time Money Podcast I speak with veteran entrepreneur, Jeff Block, of Jeff took his passion for a hobby, origami, and turned it into a small business that he now runs with two employees. provides custom made flowers for anniversary gifts and all floral occasions. Jeff is also the […]

Ink Cash Business Review

Last month when I reviewed the best small business credit cards, I was actually selfishly doing some personal research. I was looking for the best card to start using for my own business, running PT Money.  Right up front, I can tell you that you don’t need a business credit card to run your business. […]

The Best Way to Stop Mindless Spending

I’m attempting to lose a few pounds right now using a proven weight loss plan. The plan I’m on is aimed at helping me eliminate mindless eating (my main problem) by requiring me to do three things: keep track of what I’m eating, meet a daily eating goal, and check in once a week on […]

What to Tell Grandma: Disadvantages of Doing a Reverse Mortgage

One of the retirement “tools” being touted right now is the reverse mortgage. The idea is this: You have put a lot into your home, building up equity. Now, you can use your home to fund a retirement. With a reverse mortgage, the bank pays you every month (or you can get a lump sum), […]

The 10 Fastest Growing Careers

First, a caveat: Choosing the 10 fastest growing careers in the country is an inexact science because smaller niche fields may be left out of government and private calculations and predictions. However, no matter the source, it is clear that many fields in the medical and health field – due to current dire shortages of […]

Ten Best Cities for Job Opportunities

It’s no secret that finding a job in this economy is tough. But did you know that where you live may also factor in to how successful you are in landing employment? Many people know that certain housing markets have been more affected by the current economic crisis, but many fail to realize that these […]

How to Freeze Your Child’s Credit Report to Prevent Child Identity Theft

According to a report by the research firm, Javelin Strategy & Research, 11.1 million adults were the victim of identity theft in 2009 in the United States, and the total annual amount lost to fraud was $54 billion. Children are often also the victim of identity theft. In fact, more than 70,000 complaints of child […]