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Archives for March 2011

I Lowered My Cell Phone Bill by $20 Without Changing Providers | Wireless Butler Review

Update: I finally changed providers. I moved from AT&T, where I was constantly having to use tactics like Wireless Butler to keep my bill under control, to Republic Wireless. See my review and how I pay just $25++ a month for a great plan. Would you pay someone $5 to: (1) review your cell phone […]

Family Finance Carnival: TV Families Quiz Edition

Welcome to the March 29, 2011 edition of family finance carnival. This edition is prepared in honor of all the great TV families I watched growing up. Can you name the shows featuring these 12 families (bonus points if you can name the family’s last name)? Money Advice for Not-So-Famous Families You don’t have to […]

Get the Most from Your Mileage Tax Deduction

Do you drive for your job? Then you might be eligible for a mileage deduction. Here is an easy-to-understand guide to the IRS standard mileage deduction. Happy filing! 1. What kind of driving is deductible? If you drive for business in some way and your employer does not reimburse you for gas, those miles are […]

Will Your Small Business Survive Your Death?

This article is from friend and attorney, Robert Newton, who’s website, aims to guide you in your journey from employee, to self-employed, to employer. Check out his recent series, 10 Steps to Starting a Business. It’s a daunting question. Each of us possesses a strong aversion to discuss our own mortality, much less deal with […]

PTM 012: Making Extra Money by Starting a Small Food Business

In today’s episode, I have the pleasure of chatting with Jennifer Lewis of Petit Four Legs, a handcrafted dog treat company. Jennifer started her part-time gig while in grad school and has continued with the business while maintaining a career in marketing. Her income from the part-time business now reaches close to a third of […]

20 Tips for a More Affordable Auto Insurance Policy

What does it take to get affordable auto insurance? As I mentioned earlier when I shared my story of getting more affordable auto insurance with GEICO, there are two main ways to go about lowering your auto insurance premiums: (1) reduce the cost of your current policy, or (2) get a new auto insurance policy. […]

1,400 Year-Old Business Fails. Will Your Business or Job Last?

Somehow, I stumbled upon an old article from 2007 that was published in Bloomberg Businessweek. It tells the story of the world’s oldest family-run business which closed shop. The business, Kongo Gumi, had been building Buddhist temples in Japan for over 1,400 years. From the 19th century onward the company did dabble in commercial construction, […]

10 Things You Can Do Today to Keep More of Your Money

Take action today. Quick, little improvements can have a big impact over time. Improve your spending with these ten tips on how to spend money wisely: Think High-Level: Make Lists 1. Make a list of what you value. The best way to spend more wisely is to align your spending with your values. Are you […]

How to Save for a Vacation So You Don’t Need Credit

One of the great traditions enjoyed by my family (and by many others, I’m sure) when I was growing up was that of the family vacation. Of course, whether you are planning to fly seven people to Disney World or loading up the 15-passenger van for a three-week cross-country road trip, you need to do […]

Make Extra Money, Save More Money, Spend Money Wisely

In an effort to make PT Money more user-friendly, I’ve decided to split the site into three main areas. They just happen to be the three areas from my tagline. Basically, a majority of the content on this site (and our personal finances, for that matter) falls into one of three different areas: make extra […]

PTM 011: Making Extra Money as a Pizza Delivery Guy to Payoff $45,000 in Debt | Jeff Kosola from Deliver Away Debt

In today’s episode, I interview Jeff Kosola from I love Jeff’s story. I think you will too. Especially if you are struggling with a lot of debt to pay off. Have you ever wondered how much pizza delivery drivers make? Apparently, it’s enough! Jeff took on the classic part-time job of delivering pizzas on […]

The 10 Best Home-Based Businesses

In this day and age, finding employment can be tough. For some, it may be all but impossible, especially if a long stretch of unemployment has left you without child care or a car. But, the good news is, there are more and more employment opportunities for people who are looking for work that can […]