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Archives for September 2011

Why Would You Want CDs in Your Portfolio?

This question has been coming up ever more frequently these days since Bernanke’s announcement this month, which all but guaranteed record low interest rates remaining throughout 2013. The answer to this question, however, varies depending on individual circumstance. Bank CD’s, in general, have never been glamorous. They are simple “time deposits” which carry a small […]

Citigold Checking Account $400 Bonus Offer

My current checking situation is a simple one.  I have a standard Chase online checking account which  I used to write checks, pay bills and manage most of my finances.  Unfortunately a few months ago, Chase decided to charge a $6 monthly fee if I don’t keep at least $2,000 in the account or make […]

How I Got a Credit Card Late Fee Waived

We’ll all make mistakes. Here’s one of my recent errors. I use a couple of different credit cards every month to pay my bills and handle basic spending (groceries, gas, etc.). I also have one random card that I use to pay my traffic toll tag automatically. About once every other month a new toll […]

Netflix Unlimited Streaming Only Review

I recently tried Netflix’s Unlimited Streaming. This was the second time I’ve given it a run. I did it back in 1999 when the DVD only version was first rolling out. This time, I signed up using their free trial for streaming and Netflix now has $7.99 from me. But that’s all they’ll get. I’m […]

PTM 021 – Making Extra Money with Online Video Contests

In this podcast I had the pleasure of talking with Matthew Fletcher, who uses Tongal to compete in online video contests. “Tongal offers creative people the unique opportunity to work with brands and companies that need new and original video content, which means you can get paid to do what you love.” So far, Matt […]

Scottrade Review

Scottrade has shown to be one of the best online stock brokers to get started with. I hear good things about them all the time from my active trader friends. They also win several awards because of their service. They ranked tops for overall customer satisfaction among online stock brokers by JD Power and Associates. […]

4 Reasons to Love the Part Time Job or Business

What are you doing with your “other eight hours”? Starting a part-time business or simply taking on a part-time job certainly have a few drawbacks (time away from family, more work and stress, etc.). But I think they have more benefits than drawbacks. And they have huge potential to create a better life as well. […]

Is Your Emergency Fund Big Enough?

In my opinion, an emergency fund is money set aside to be used only in the case of a life emergency. Think of it as a small self-insurance policy. A last minute vacation to Vegas, although pretty awesome, isn’t an emergency. A financial emergency is an unexpected and required event / happening that you’re unable […]

How to Make Money on Fiverr [$5 Per Gig]

Today I’m sharing my interview with Vaughn Fry, a movie critic and Fiverr expert. When he’s not working on his passion, he spends some time making money with Fiverr to help pay off his student loans. Fiverr is an online clearinghouse for $5 service jobs. Vaughn has several services he offers, but he’s had the […]