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Archives for October 2011

Why I Like “Spending Plan” Better than “Budget”

I really hate the word “budget.” Of course, like so many things in life, my aversion to the word budget has more to do with my own personal baggage, then any real problem with the word itself. In the case of the word budget, my personal finance baggage is quite heavy. When I’m talking about […]

The Truth About Penny Auction Sites

I have been salivating over the Apple iPad almost since it debuted. Unfortunately this is a purchase that I simply can’t justify, as I both don’t need it and don’t have the money for it. However, those harsh realities have done nothing to cool my gadget-lust, and so I have been keeping my eyes peeled […]

Gold Delta SkyMiles Credit Card Review

If you had to guess which airline transports the most passengers every year, would your answer be Delta?  Well if it was, you’d be absolutely right as Delta Airlines continues to carry more passengers each year than any other airline.  I can tell you I’ve flown Delta a few times, without any problems or delays […]

How to Fix Your Credit to Buy Your First Home

The following is an article from Martin Dasko of Studenomics. Martin has just released a super-helpful guide that shows you how to completely conquer credit before you hit 30. You can’t leave a lasting legacy if you’re stuck spending today’s income on yesterday’s fun. You also can’t get that dream home without any credit. You […]

Is Gold a Good Investment Now?

Like many things that are hot and popular to talk about on financial cable news shows and on the internet, you either love gold or you hate gold as an investment. Which camp do you fall into? Is gold a good investment now for you? For the longest time, I have been telling everyone on […]

It’s Okay to Spend Your Money on Things You Really Want

One of my favorite pieces of financial advice is this: Freely spend your money on things you receive a lot of value from, but mercilessly slash expenses elsewhere. I like this advice because it’s positive. Too many times, financial advice comes across like a list of don’ts. I think that kind of negative advice leads […]

Buying a New Home and Converting Your Current Home Into a Rental Property

As it stands right now, in less than six months’ time, we plan to buy a new home and at the same time become the landlord of the town home we currently live in. Here’s our plan: Step One – Refinance Our Mortgage We’ve already completed this step. By refinancing our mortgage, we reduced our […]

What Everybody Ought to Know About New Debit Card Fees

Update (Nov. 1, 2011): Bank of America has decided against charging this new debit card fee. By now, you’ve probably heard the news about the new debit card fees that some banks are starting to charge their customers. Maybe you use one of those banks? Bank of America is the most notable and they have […]

How to Organize a Successful Peer Conference: Behind the Scenes at the Financial Blogger Conference

If you’re a follower of my twitter feed you’ve no doubt seen my recent references to #FINCON11 and the Financial Blogger Conference. I thought I would take a moment here to explain this new venture of mine. The conference itself was a blast; a great experience. Most everything went off without a hitch and most […]

Relying Too Much on “Future You”

Your future self just called. They want their money back. We all have to rely on others from time to time. What are friends and family for, right? So, is relying on your future self the same as asking for a handout from someone else? I say there’s nothing wrong with doing that occasionally. But when […]

Apply These “Occupy Wall Street Protest” Style Tactics to Your Finances

It can be somewhat baffling to watch the news coverage of the Occupy Wall Street Protests. This protest is different from anything America has ever seen. With no leaders or a cohesive slogan, a casual observer could be excused for dismissing the protest and its members. But ignoring this movement would be a big mistake. […]

How to Manage Your Credit Card Bill After a Setback

Should coulda woulda! We all know that carrying a balance on a credit card is a personal finance no-no. But what do you do if you find yourself in that situation and then have a major financial setback? Knowing that you should have handled your finances differently before you were fired or hospital stay won’t […]