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Archives for December 2011

Blue Cash Everyday from American Express Review

One of the oldest and most respected credit cards every to grace consumers wallets was the Blue Cash from American Express.  However, as the times changed, consumers also changed and even though the Blue Cash was a great card, it had too many flaws.  For example, cash back could only be obtained once a year […]

PTM 024 – Unemployed Accountant? Here’s How to Start a Tax Preparation Business

Today’s episode is with Vincenzo Villamena, owner of Online Taxman. With tax season just around the corner, I thought this would be a good interview to share. Vincenzo has prepared taxes for friends and family in the past, but never really taken his skills to an entrepreneurial level. In the Summer of 2010, his employer […]

What’s Keeping You From a Radical Financial Life?

I was driving to lunch with a friend the other day and he asked me what my plans were for getting rid of the debt in my life. He was referring to our mortgage. This put me on the defensive and I quickly shared my philosophy on good and bad debt. Then I straight up […]

Bank of America Customer Service Rep Opened a New Credit Card Account Without My Consent

Here’s a lovely rant. Last week I called Bank of America to activate an updated credit card (i.e. new expiration date). You know, the call you have to make before you peel the sticker off? Over the past few years, it’s become increasing clear that banks only want to use this opportunity to up-sell to […]

Year-by-Year Guide to Teaching Money to Children and Teenagers

Parents can easily get caught up in the day-to-day needs of their children and forget about imparting the big life lessons. But our kids need more from us than just diaper changes, peanut butter sandwiches, bandaids, and hugs. They need to be prepared for their lives as adults, particularly when it comes to money management. […]

Avoid the Sticker Shock of Upcoming 401K Fee Disclosure

Starting in the second quarter of 2012, the Department of Labor will require all 401K plan sponsors to disclose investment and administrative fees charged to plan participant’s retirement accounts. The new regulation is intended to help employees understand where their money is going and help them make decisions that are more informed. The concern among […]

$75 Cash Bonus from ShareBuilder

There’s a somewhat secretive offer making it’s way around the investing community; ShareBuilder is offering a $75 cash bonus for new account holders that deposit just $100 into their account before the turn of the year.  The standard bonus offered from ShareBuilder is $50 (with restrictions) but this new bonus has absolutely no rules or […]

What to Do if Your Job is Dying

Is your job going extinct? recently released some data that shows which job types saw a decline in demand in 2011. On the list were some jobs that you’d expect to see: postal workers and newspaper reporters. Also on the list were real estate agents, video store clerks, toll booth collectors, and stock brokers. […]

If You Need a Credit Score, Credit Karma is the Place to Go

If you are on our my email list you saw that I mentioned Credit Karma‘s new credit monitoring feature. I thought I would take a moment to show you how to use Credit Karma’s older, more notable features: Score Center and Credit Report Card. Here’s my quick review of each. Credit Karma’s Free Score Center Credit Karma […]

How to Make $10,000 a Month with Your Own Blog Ad Network

In the midst of a recession is not the time when most people would decide to leave their day job to work from home, but Crystal Stemberger, author of the blog Budgeting in the Fun Stuff, is not most people. A relative newcomer to the blogging scene—Crystal started BFS in February 2010—she has nonetheless been […]

My Mom Got Scammed Trying to Refinance Her Mortgage

There’s not much worse than a scammer. Except maybe one that takes advantage of older people who are already having financial difficulty. As a warning to others, Samantha Savory was kind enough to share her Mom’s story about being defrauded when trying to refinance her house. Here’s her story… I remember hearing ridiculous stories from […]

The Best Extended Stay Hotel Options

With the travel season upon us, many of you may be staying at a hotel for a few days. I thought I’d offer up my thoughts on extended stay options. Recently, we took a last minute trip out of town for a few days. It was a trip that we didn’t get to plan for […]