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Archives for February 2012

Save on Dining: Eat Out and Spend Less

The American middle class has apparently slammed the breaks on restaurant spending over the last few years. On average they are spending about 10% less on dining out. The simple answer is people are dining out less and cooking more of their meals at home. Our dining out expenses are too high. This used to […]

Should I Consolidate My Student Loans?

I received a couple of questions about student loan debt and student loan consolidation. I’ll try to provide some information to help answer these questions, but as usual I welcome your suggestions in the comments. Here’s the first question: What is the best way to manage all of your student loans once you have finished […]

Advanced Money-Saving Tactics to Get Free Food

Look around you. Tons of free food and stuff for the taking. Here’s the deal. If you spend money on food these days, you’re basically an idiot. Even Panera Bread is giving away free food. Don’t know what I’m talking about? It’s because you’re asleep, man. Wake up! Let’s look at what I like to […]

9 Smart Ways to Spend Your Tax Refund

The April tax deadline will be here before you know it. I should be getting around to filing our tax return in the next few weeks. This year, thanks to our little tax deductions (our kids) and my estimated tax payments, we just might be getting a decent sized refund. If you work for someone […]

Why You Need a Forced Savings Account

No one’s forcing you! Well, actually they are. The “forced” savings account is being used in several areas of our lives. In some cases, you may even be forcing yourself to save. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The biggest forced savings account that we all participate in here in the U.S. is the Federal […]

8 Reasons We Choose Not to Invest

If current trends continue, Social Security will be over budget soon and depleted by the year 2036. Medicare is faring even worse. Projections claim that it will be unable to pay medical expenses by the year 2024. Retirement isn’t looking as comfortable as it did twenty years ago. Today’s young and middle-aged adults need to […]

How to Start a Web Design Business Installing WordPress Websites

When I marched out on my own to pursue full-time blogging, one of the side gigs I maintained was freelance website design installing WordPress sites. This little side hustle enabled me to make anywhere from $100 to $500 extra each month with minimum marketing effort. So today I’m sharing my thoughts on this type of […]

I’m Done with Credit Cards

…for the next three months. We’re going to be trying to get pre-approved for a new mortgage soon. As a self-employed family, we need our credit score, and debt-to-income ratio to be as rock-solid as possible. Therefore, for the next three months we’re using only our debit card to make purchases. This stinks because we […]

Is It Foolish To Play The Lottery?

This article is from Tino, a lottery blogger. Did you hear the one about the rich wealth managers that won a $254 million Powerball jackpot? Golly gee, I need to stop beginning my blog posts with “Did you hear the one about…” It kind of makes it sound like I’m just about to tell a joke. […]

(VFORX) The One Beautiful Fund I Use to Invest for Our 2040 Retirement

We’re so boring when it comes to investing and retirement. But I think boring is good. We do the vast majority of our retirement investing through one single fund: Vanguard Target Retirement 2040 Fund (VFORX). We invest in this fund within my Rollover IRA (my old 401K), our Roth IRAs, and in my new Solo […]

Make Quick Money as a Valet or Own Your Own Valet Parking Business

If you are looking for a good part-time job or business to start, you should definitely consider the valet parking industry. You’ve no doubt seen valets at nice restaurants and hotels. But did you know there are third-party valet service companies geared towards the private party (e.g. weddings) industry? When people throw a big wedding […]

Slate from Chase 15 Month Balance Transfer with NO FEE

Balance transfer credit cards often provide the greatest savings for consumers even though they don’t have big up front bonuses or rewards programs.  But even with the savings, one of the obvious drawbacks of applying for a balance transfer card is the balance transfer fee you’ll immediately be charged.  Generally, this fee is 3% which […]