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Archives for March 2012

How to Win the Lottery (Guaranteed 10 Times Out of 10)

You’re so lucky… Lucky that you found this page. Why? Because I just figured out how to win the lottery and, right now, I will teach you how to do it too. In fact, I bet that the moment you finish reading this, you’ll be rushing out to play the lottery and buy a Powerball […]

7 Ways to Kick-Start a Winning Saving Habit (Start Now!)

Savings is defined as “income that is not consumed immediately by buying goods and services.” Do you have any personal savings? The rate of personal savings is way down here in the US. We just aren’t saving our money. You’d think with the recent downturn in the economy and the drop in housing values that […]

What Makes a Roth IRA So Great [In Plain English How it Works]

This post is part of the #RothIRAMovement, designed to bring more awareness to the benefits of the Roth Individual Retirement Account or Arrangement (IRA). All credit goes to Jeff from for starting the Roth IRA Movement and getting over 100 bloggers involved in this project. Do you know about the Roth IRA? Saving for […]

Credit Card Balance: Make Payments or Pay in Full?

What’s your opinion about credit card debt? Just the other day someone searched for the following phrase in Google and found my site: “is it best to pay off my credit card balance in full or make minimum payments?” Hopefully this searcher found some good information here. But I doubt he/she was able to find a […]

We Finally Completed Our Last Will and Testament, Living Will, and Durable Power of Attorney

Have you completed a Will? Three years after having our first child, we finally got around to completing our Last Will and Testament, Living Will, and Durable Power of Attorney. If you were to review any estate planning checklist, these would be the top three items on the list. Why? Because they help make some […]

7 Tips to Travel More Often, Cheaper and in STYLE

This article is from Geoff Whitmore of I work hard for my money. Don’t you? But between paying the bills and hopefully putting some away for the future, there often isn’t much left over for the extras, like traveling. Getting away and seeing the world happens to be one of my passions, but up until […]

4 Reasons to Be Debt Free Before You Get Married

This article is from Ryan Stubblefield, who runs, where they review the best Christian dating sites. In one day, I will be tying the knot. There are lots of reasons I’m madly in love with my future bride, and there are lots of reasons I’m crazy about our relationship. One really cool thing I’m excited […]

Should I Rollover My 401k?

Every day someone leaves a job and asks, “should I rollover my 401k?” Most of the time, the answer is yes. If you recently left a job, you should probably rollover your 401k. But there is more than one way to answer this question if you look at it closer. The answer really depends on […]

Can You Afford a Baby? [With 9 Expert Tips to Get Prepared]

The story is always the same. You’re married for a few years and your parents eventually ask the question: “So when are we going to get a grandchild?” My response was, “When we can afford one.” And the quick comeback was always, “Oh honey, you can never really afford one, so there’s no reason to […]

What is Underemployment?

Have you ever been out of work, or in a part-time job for an extended period of time? It can be demoralizing not to be able to find the type of work you’re qualified for. The statistics show, specifically the Underemployment Rate, that it’s still a very tough job market for about a fifth of […]

Significant Changes in Response to Higher Gas Prices

I’ve seen several $5 a gallon gas price predictions for 2012. That wouldn’t surprise me, given where we are now: $3.75 a gallon on March 12. According to a recent Gallup poll, at a $5.30 a gallon gas price, most Americans would be forced to make “significant” changes to the way they live their lives […]

Credit Report (NOT Score) Used By Employers

Did you catch the recent story about employer credit checks in USA Today? It was about the fairness of employers using credit as a means to differentiate candidates. Side note. My high school math teacher used to tell me all the time that life was not fair. I would always reply, “well, it should be.” […]