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Archives for April 2012

Checkmate! Capital One 360 Now Has Mobile Deposit

It’s time to upgrade your Capital One 360 mobile app. The upgrade will add the long-awaited remote check deposit feature they are calling Checkmate. Thanks to Daniel from Sweating the Big Stuff for bringing this to my attention. The app and new deposit feature (which can be used even from a simple scanner) are free, and […]

6 Common Credit Report Errors

When you start looking at credit report error statistics it’s easy to quickly get frustrated. There’s a ton that could and that does go wrong with the reporting of your credit information. Did you know that studies have shown that as much as 79% of credit reports contain errors of some kind? With 25% containing […]

3 Times When You Should Not Be Shopping

There’s a good time to go shopping and then there are times when it’s probably a bad idea. Good times… You should buy a car at the end of the month, late in the day. You should buy your winter coat in the Spring. You should shop for airline tickets on Tuesdays. But there are […]

10 Alternative Online Job Search Sites

If you’re looking for a job, you’ve no doubt tried the big name job search sites like,,,, and Those are all great places to start your search. But there are some other, more unique, possibly more targeted job search sites that you might want to try: Jobs for Veterans – […]

We Received Our New Home Mortgage Pre-Approval Letter

Just yesterday I received the exciting news that we’re finally pre-approved for a new home purchase. After a little bump in the road with the guys at Quicken Loans (who did a great job with our refinance), I was able to escalate my case and received an almost instant approval for a new home loan. […]

Some Advice for Stay at Home Moms

Do stay at home moms really “work”? Of course they do. That’s a ridiculous question. Anyone with kids, who doesn’t hire a nanny/maid/chef to do literally everything, works. I know. I have kids. It’s work that I help perform at night and on weekends. It’s work I love most of the time, but it does […]

5 Tips for Optimizing Credit Card Rewards

Looking for a great way to bring in some extra money every year? Look no further than credit card rewards. If you pick the right credit card rewards programs and use the card for the majority of your spending, you could bring in an extra few hundred each year. Before you head down this road, […]

Do You Need LT Disability Insurance?

Do you have enough insurance? In the past, I’ve stated that there are 5 types of insurance that you need. I have four of the five. I don’t have long-term disability insurance. This fact has bothered me for some time. I’m finally beginning the process of determining if I really need long-term disability insurance, as […]

10 Quick Questions About the Roth IRA

This post is my contribution to the Financial Literacy Month blogger video project. See more videos shared by Steve at MoneyPlanSOS. Everyone should know about the Roth IRA. I decided to sit down (in front of a camera…yikes) and answer 10 common questions about them. Here’s my video, followed by the rough transcript. 1. What […]

Are You Sure You Earned Enough? [Minimum Income to File Taxes]

It’s that time of year when people begin wondering whether they need to file a federal income tax return. When in doubt, I say go ahead and file your return. But I know you guys want numbers, so I’m going to give them to you. The minimum income to file taxes isn’t one number that you […]

3 Lessons to Learn Before Your Next Family Emergency

On February 9, I got a call from my stepfather that my mother had gone into the hospital. The bad cold we thought she was suffering from turned out to be acute pneumonia. Apparently, he had taken her into the hospital just in time. One more day without a doctor’s care, and it would have […]

401k Loan or Debt Consolidation (What’s the Best Way Out of a Bad Situation?)

Have you ever taken a 401k loan? 401k loans are a very difficult personal decision. As many as 20% of participants in your average 401k plan have taken out a loan. I almost took out a 401k loan back in 2007 when I was scraping together a down payment on our first home. Ultimately though, […]