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Archives for May 2012

8 Tips to Help You Make the Most Selling Your Junk on Craigslist

Want to do some Spring cleaning? Most people use this time each year to clean out their closets, have garage sales, and get rid of their junk using craigslist. We’re in the middle of getting rid of stuff on craigslist that we don’t want to move into our new house next month. If you’ve never […]

British Airways Signature Visa and Their 50,000 Avios Bonus

Since the turn of the year, credit card bonuses have been dwindling.  That’s a fairly common thing to happen in the first two quarters of a year as issuers pump up offers around the holiday shopping season, then pull back.  That being said, Chase has just launched the first new big bonus of 2012 with […]

The Automatic IRA: Coming to a Small Business Near You?

If you look at President Obama’s 2013 budget (which failed to pass in both houses: 0-414 & 0-99) there is one thing in it that Democrats and at least a few Republicans appear to support: the Automatic IRA (or Auto IRA). Like any piece of proposed legislation there are many iterations of the idea before […]

Financial Advice That No Longer Rings True

Picking out the good financial advice from the bad financial advice isn’t always easy. But when advice that used to be true is still being touted as the way things are, it can be even more confusing. As the economy changes, the advice that was once valuable might be downright disastrous for today’s young adults. […]

The Best Approach to Long-Term Savings (Non-Retirement): Building Your Nest Egg

Let’s say you’ve got your retirement savings figured out. Meaning, you are currently automatically saving money each month through a 401K, pension, or IRA on a level that shows you’ll reach a comfortable amount of income producing savings by the time you retire. Let’s also say that you do a good job of saving for […]

What a $25,000 Wedding Budget Looks Like [Spreadsheet]

Last October, I decided to take the plunge and ask my girlfriend to marry me. She said yes, and just two weeks ago, we threw a lavish (at least that’s how I would describe it) wedding in New Jersey. As if the day wasn’t already filled with joy, PT and his lovely wife were able […]

My Continued Troubles with

Years ago, when I was in debt by more than $200,000 from student loans, I used pinch every single penny.  Whether it was only buying things that we’re buy one get one free or walking to places that we’re more than two miles away instead of using my car, I was frugal to the bone.  […]

First Time Investor Tips for Buying Facebook Stock

The buzz around the Facebook (FB) initial public offering (IPO) is insane. Everyone and their grandma will be tuning in to the nearest stock ticker tomorrow, May 18th, to see what happens with the Facebook IPO. Whether you think the stock is worth it or not, I think the attention is warranted. It’s the most […]

Capital One 360 Gift of Savings for Kids and Gift of MONEY for Teens

It’s almost summertime! If you have kids, this means you might be thinking about their allowance, future education costs, and their summer job(s). This is a good time for you to teach them about saving some of their money and spending it responsibly. Today I’m taking a look at a couple of products that might […]

Your Mileage (and Costs) May Vary on Hybrid Cars

Whether you’re interested in reducing your carbon footprint or lowering your fuel costs, hybrid vehicles and their 50 mile-per-gallon efficiency claims may seem like a great solution. Unfortunately, as Heather Peters of California discovered, the claims and the reality do not necessarily match up. Ms. Peters took Honda to court recently when she found that […]

How to Make Extra Money as a Dog Sitter

Love dogs? Need some extra money? Today is your lucky day. Here are two new sites that connect dog sitters (and potential dog sitters) with dog owners in need of a sitter: and Both have been around less than a year, but they look like a promising way to bring in some extra […]

How to Decide Where to Live and Why We Chose to Stay Put

Have you ever wondered if you’re living in the right place? The right neighborhood? The right city? The right part of the World? Mrs. PT (my wife) and I struggled with this question recently. As you know we’re in the process of moving. Our recent offer was accepted and we close on the loan for […]