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Archives for October 2012

13 Money Moves That Scare the Heck Out of Me

If I ever found myself making one of these financial moves, I’d be frightened for my financial future: 1. Having kids and no life insurance. If you die without life insurance, your kids will, at a minimum, be stuck with your funeral bill. Get a simple term life insurance policy, even if it’s just $100,000. […]

Income At Home – Solid Plan or Total Scam?

This is our objective, independent review of Income At Home. See full disclaimer below for more information on how is not associated in any way with Income At Home. You may have heard about various work-from-home business opportunities on the radio or on television. Income at Home in particular has been endorsed by Dr. […]

The Five Best Credit And Charge Cards You’ve Never Heard Of

When you spend most of your days writing about credit cards, like I do, you become somewhat of a credit card connoisseur. And just as a self-respecting wine enthusiast isn’t going to offer you a cheap box of wine from the corner liquor store, I am please to present you with a selection of some […]

The Pay Yourself First Concept: Are You Applying It?

You’ve heard the phrase “pay yourself first” before, right? Are you doing it? Are you paying yourself first? It’s one thing to agree with this idea in theory, but let me tell you from experience, it doesn’t magically happen on its own. You’ve actually got to put it into practice. You pay yourself first by […]

Ibotta Review: Earn More Cash Back When Shopping for Groceries

There are a lot of ways to save when shopping for groceries. Some are better than others. Some may suit your style. Some may not. I like using cash back credit cards to make a little money back when shopping for groceries. I know some people who spend time clipping or printing coupons and earning […]

3 Easy Ways to Make Money to Pay Off Debt

It took me just over a year to completely wipe out my debts. That felt like an eternity to me. No matter how much debt you have or if you’re finally debt free like I am, you’ll discover that getting out of debt is tough. There’s no easy way out or shortcut to take, and […]

Why Athletes Go Broke – Review of Broke, an ESPN Films Documentary

This past weekend I was hanging with some friends who like to talk sports and all they could talk about was the latest film in ESPN Films’ 30 for 30 series. This particular film is called Broke, and it’s all about why a majority of professional athletes face financial troubles so quickly after retiring. Last […]

Tips for Scary Cheap Halloween Candy and Decor

When it comes to spending money during Halloween, it’s no surprise that candy is where it’s at. Do you know that Americans spend around $6 billion on Halloween each year? Forget Halloween costumes, $2 billion of that amount is on the candy alone, which averages out to around $20 per person. But not every person […]

Spirit Airlines Experience – The Ala Carte Airline

How do your like to be charged? Do you want to pay one, all-inclusive fee, or do you want to be charged for each individual item you actually use (some would call this “being nickel and dime-d”)? Spirit Airlines is taking bets that some customers don’t mind being nickel and dime-d for their air travel […]

Train vs Plane vs Bus – A Long-Distance Travel Cost and Time Comparison

One of my good friends is a train enthusiast. When I was lamenting the cost of airfare for my recent trip to New York City for the BlogHer conference, my friend said (as he has said so many times before), “You should have taken the train!” Ten years ago, I probably would have ignored his […]

Vanished! 10 People Who Took the Money and Ran

Now for a little something different. I love real life mysteries. I recently stumbled upon a list of people who vanished mysteriously (don’t you love the Internet and all it’s weirdness?). I thought it would be interesting to list the one’s who disappeared and were able to get away with the loot. I’m also including […]

Make Sure It’s Legal: A Cautionary Tale on Starting Your Own Small Business

Sometime during my elementary school days, my parents referred to me a “schemer”. To their credit, that’s probably how I would have described myself as I was always selling bubble gum, warheads (the candy, not the missile) and anything else I could buy in bulk and sell of at a profit. And even as I […]