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Archives for February 2013

5 Different Ways to Increase Your Income

Politicians in Washington continuously battle over how to reduce the budget deficit. Some favor a reduction in spending while others advocate an increase in taxes, or both. When we manage our personal finances, we are faced with a similar choice: you can reduce our spending or you can increase your income. Yet the vast majority […]

How Much Should You Contribute to Your 401K? (It Depends on 3 Things)

It’s one of my dirty little secrets: I am both a personal finance blogger and the daughter of a prominent financial planner, and yet my retirement savings are nowhere near where they should be. It gets worse. Until I was about 27, I actually had no retirement savings, other than some money my exasperated father […]

Free Credit Score from Credit Sesame

A good credit score is one of the most valuable assets you can keep in your financial portfolio. Yes, a world with no credit would mean no high interest credit cards; overdue mortgage payments or over-limit fees but credit plays a very important role in fiscal responsibility; and knowing your credit score is a must. […]

6 Ways to Give Memorable Gifts (Without Going Into Debt)

The fine fellas at Optimal Finance Daily created an audio version of this post. Listen along using the player below. When you’re part of big family like I am, it’s hard not to come under peer pressure to spend a lot of money on gifts. As one of five kids — all who have families […]

PTM 026 – How to Start a Babysitting Business

Today’s episode is all about how to start a babysitting business. This is my interview with Cristina Twigg, the owner of Easy Care Sitters, a NYC-based babysitting business/agency. Three years ago, as a receptionist at an advertising agency, Cristina started her own NYC-based babysitting agency. She has been running it on the side for the […]

7 Small Business Mistakes to Avoid

When you’re running your own business, it’s easy to get lost in the weeds and miss some of the small business mistakes you’re making. Here are some of the mistakes that I’ve made over the years, plus some mistakes that some of my podcast guests have shared with me. Caution, I’m still a work in […]

How to Have Your First Credit Card “App Party” and Start Traveling for Free

You’ve heard of churning credit cards for cash back rewards, airline miles, and other perks, right? I’ve dabbled in this strategy (using credit card vs them using you). Last year I earned 100,000 airline miles through credit card signup and spending bonuses. But I’m just scratching the surface. I know a guy who earned over […]

Dentist: How to Take Care of Your Child’s Teeth Without (Insurance or) Spending Too Much

It’s a story that Marissa Miller, D.D.S., of Shelby, Ohio sees all too often. Patients don’t bring their children to the dentist until after there’s pain, a visible hole in the tooth, or even the chronic bad breath of tooth decay. “At that point, it’s too late to do any of the simple and relatively […]

Quick Money Tips: Part-Time Jobs with Discounts and Perks

In today’s edition, we take a look at how the job landscape has changed. Less full-time jobs mean more people have to look to one or more part-time jobs to make ends meet. And this isn’t just about people losing jobs, it’s a trend for recent college graduates, as well. Millennials are going to college […]

5 CARD Act Loopholes You Need To Know About

Nearly four years ago, I was excited to report that the credit card holder’s bill of rights was finally to become law. This legislation, now known as the CARD Act of 2009, is the most sweeping piece of personal finance legislation to be passed in a decade. At the time, consumer advocates and credit card […]

Sync Deals to Your Spending with Bync

One of the biggest turn-offs to couponing for me is the fact that I have to sort through the endless streams of coupons (online or in the newspaper) to find the one’s that apply to me and my spending habits. And the cardinal sin when it comes to couponing, in my opinion, is to let […]

Why It May Cost You More When It’s Free

There is a point in the raunchy comedy Super Troopers when the brain trust of the group, Farva, is filling up his squad car with gas. He notices a sign at the gas station advertising a free hot dog with a $20 fill up (remember those days?). Farva is disappointed when his fill up comes […]