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Archives for March 2013

Quick Money Tips: Break Free of Materialism

In today’s edition, we take a look at materialism. It’s one thing to want to steward your money well so that you can live a comfortable life. But we need to deal with the root problem that got us into so much debt to begin with: our addiction to material goods. Are you amassing so […]

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Standard Tax Deduction

I remember back in the day, when life wasn’t as complicated as it is now, I used to take the standard tax deduction when filing my taxes. No itemizing required. No Schedule A required. Just a simple tax return with one number for my “below-the-line” deductions. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad to have more […]

PTM 028 – How to Patent a Product and Sell Truckloads with Kim Nimsgern of Click-n-Curl

Kim Nimsgern is a true part-time entrepreneur, recently launching a new product to market called Click-n-Curl (a hair styling tool). She also works full-time in higher education at a Technical College as part of the leadership team. In the interview, Kim shares how she worked with the Small Business Administration to find a local university […]

5 Pills of Debt Advice from The Matrix

This post is from friend and blogger Ben Edwards of Money Smart Life. Stopping bullets with your mind is no easy feat. It took Neo quite a while to hack the laws of a computer program called “The Matrix” in order to achieve that outcome. In fact, he failed and nearly died a time or […]

How to Find a Company with Great Work-Life Balance

When Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer officially canceled all telecommuting and work-from-home for her company earlier this year, the decision caused an internet firestorm. Everyone from Yahoo employees to business experts weighed in on the decision, alternately lauding the tightening of often-abused policies at Yahoo and lamenting the step backwards in 21st century productivity. Whether Yahoo’s […]

VantageScore Just Released a New Credit Scoring Model but FICO is Still King

VantageScore recently released a reimagined version of its credit-scoring model. Dubbed VantageScore 3.0, the model considered 900 data points and tested 50 different algorithms before deciding on the 3.0 model. The result, according to the company, is a 25 percent predictive lift over previous models. Among the biggest changes, the scoring range now lines up […]

How to Find Business Ideas that Work – Focus on Scale

As a blogger, I stumbled into a business idea that scales pretty efficiently. I can reach thousands of people each day with my words using the power of the Internet and search. When I say, “scales” efficiently, I mean my product/service (in my case, blog posts) can be served up to exponentially more and more […]

Making Money Make Sense with Jean Chatzky’s Money School

It may only be spring, but it’s the perfect time to go back to school. You all know the importance of learning positive money skills. However, it can be difficult to know where to start with the overwhelming amount of money information available. That’s why NBC’s TODAY Show financial editor Jean Chatzky has decided to […]

Quick Money Tips: The Psychology of Money

In today’s edition, we take a look at the psychology of money. Some people think that if they just had “x” amount more money or if they were debt free or had a different job or were financially independent, then they would be happy. But would you really? There’s no doubt that there is a […]

Dump Your Car Loan and Pay for Your Next Car with Cash

Besides the mortgage, a car loan is often the next biggest thing on the list. And depending on the type of car you buy, you could spend anywhere from a few thousand to several hundred thousand dollars on a new car. Of course with that shiny new car often comes with a car loan and […]

British Airways Visa Signature Card – 50,000 Avios Bonus

The credit card market seems to be changing on a regular basis these days and one of the offers that never seems to last very long belongs to the British Airways Visa Signature Card.  Over the past few years Chase has been able to give away what is likely billions of Avios and they’re still […]

Making Sense of Education Tax Credits and Deductions

It’s tax season, and that rhythmic thumping you hear is the sound of filers all across America banging their heads against their desks. One of the many maddeningly complicated decisions facing taxpayers is how to claim a deduction or credit for tuition payments made last year. Here is the breakdown of the available options: 1. […]