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Archives for May 2013

PTM 033 – Using a Passion for Language to Create a Multi-Million Dollar Business with Sean Hopwood of Day Translations

Today’s podcast features Sean Hopwood, founder and owner of Day Translations, a full-service translation and interpreting business. Sean has a passion for languages and speaks many himself. Sean wasn’t satisfied with his career in legal translation. He wanted more, and decided to start Day Translations while he was holding down another full-time job. Day Translations […]

12 Signs You’re Broke and Not Afraid to Show It

Sometimes it’s hard to tell who’s struggling with money. Other times, it’s obvious. Whether you know it or not, here are signs you’re broke and may be showing it. 1. You have more things in your home than dollars in your bank account Image by: puuikibeach 2. Your favorite book is actually a catalog Image […]

Percentage of College Students with a Credit Card Drops to 35%

Fewer college students are opting for credit cards. A new study from Sallie Mae showed from 2010 to 2012, the number of college students that had their own credit card dropped from 42% to 35%. I spoke with Missouri State University incoming freshman Hannah Taylor, who is bucking this trend. Taylor said that although she […]

How to Increase Willpower and Stay on Track Financially

It’s happened to all of us. No matter how committed we are to our frugal goals. We start the day by brewing our own coffee at home, instead of stopping by our favorite coffee shop on the way to work. We manage to say “No, thanks,” to the group at work going out for lunch […]

33 Fun and Free Things to Do in the Summer

Let’s have some fun! Here are 33 fun and free (minus the fuel costs) things you can do while it’s warm outside. I have a couple of kids, so some of these may be slanted for folks with kids. Free Things to Do in the Summer 1. Go to the park. Explore what your city […]

Quick Money Tips: Making Extra Money

In today’s edition, we take a look at making extra money on the side. There is usually a reason to want or need extra income. Times may be tough and you don’t like living paycheck to paycheck. Maybe you really want to pay off that last credit card. Or do you need to save up […]

10 Shockingly Stupid “Money-Saving” Moments From TLC’s Extreme Cheapskates

If you thought being cheap means always leaving a small tip or stealing packets of ketchup, you aren’t familiar with the extremely cheap. Extreme Cheapskates, one of TLC’s questionable “reality” shows, features penny pinchers who will amaze (and even disgust) you with how far they’ll go to save a few bucks. Here are 10 money saving ideas […]

The Five People Who Hold Your Bad Credit Against You

There are people in your life who have a bias against you and your poor credit. The mistakes that you have made with debt not only put blemishes on your credit report and lowers your credit score, but they let people in your life hold your bad credit over your head in some way. A […]

How to Get Started Freelancing Today with No Experience

Listen to this post thanks to our friends at Optimal Startup Daily. Making money online isn’t easy but it can pay off big if you apply the right strategy and stick with it — much like anything else in life. As someone who recently quit my day job to freelance full-time, I understand how to […]

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Applying for Yet Another Job

When I graduated from college back in 2001, I started my post-college job search with incredible optimism. That lasted about a week. I quickly realized that, while there were untold numbers of potential positions available out there, very few of them fit with my education and qualifications and my own career goals. In desperation, I […]

PTM 032 – How to Use Kickstarter to Launch a Business with Max Valverde of Morninghead

Today’s podcast features Max Valverde, founder and inventor of Morninghead, the revolutionary cure for bed head. Max launched Morninghead on, the online crowd-funding platform and achieved his goal times six. In this episode, Max shares how he came up with the idea, how he got the product made, and how to use Kickstarter to […]

10 People Using Vine That Are Making That Money

Looking to make a quick buck or earn extra money on the side? Here are 10 Vine* videos (each 6 seconds or less) with ways you can make some extra cash. *Vine is the new wildly popular video app from the folks at Twitter. 1. Clean out the garage and invite the neighborhood to your […]