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Archives for November 2014

10 Ideas to Give More this Holiday Season

How often do we say the holiday season will be different as the season rolls around again? We’ll focus on giving and others more than succumbing to the busyness of the season. We’ll slow down and truly focus on what we can be thankful for versus filling our priorities with Christmas lights, decorations and the […]

How to Get to Zero Credit Card Debt with

Update:  Unfortunately, we were recently informed that Ready for Zero has shut down its credit score and debt planner tools. However, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered.  We recommend you visit our credit score monitoring services page (plenty of services here to meet your needs) or download the Pay Off Debt app from the Apple or Android app […]

3 Financial Worries That Didn’t Exist For Your Parents

Between taking on way too much student debt, doing sensitive banking on smart phones, and forgoing home ownership, it may seem like all of us are ignoring the money lessons our parents and grandparents tried to teach us. Being careful with money is looking more and more like a skill from a previous century. But the real […]

$2,500 AAPL Stock Giveaway from Nvestly

We all know that personal money management has it’s fair share of challenges.  Sometimes you can feel like you’re on an island all by yourself trying to figure things out.  This may be especially true for some of you when it comes to investing for the future. There are certainly well-known options you can pursue […]