PTM 026 – How to Start a Babysitting Business

Listen to PT's podcast with Cristina. She started and business is booming. She has already expanded her business and is looking to make it full-time. Find out what it takes to start your own babysitting business!

Today's episode is all about how to start a babysitting business. This is my interview with Cristina Twigg, the owner of Easy Care Sitters, a NYC-based babysitting business/agency.

Three years ago, as a receptionist at an advertising agency, Cristina started her own NYC-based babysitting agency. She has been running it on the side for the past 3 years now, and as it's been doing great!

She's been growing at her current job as well (she's now a copywriter) and with her babysitting agency she has opened a second location in DC, and now has plans to make it profitable enough in the next two years so that she can leave her full-time job.

Easy Care Sitters - How to Start a Babysitting Business

Easy Care Sitters Baby Sitting Service

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Part Time Money Podcast - How to Start a Babysitting Business Highlights from the interview:

0:00 Intro and What motivated Cristina to start the business.
2:00 Cristina explains the business setup/process.
3:30 Why people in the city use her vs or other service.
6:00 Making the leap from employee to entrepreneur.
8:00 The personal finance aspect of starting this business.
10:00 The number of sitters she has and the number of gigs each week.
10:30 How she makes her cut. i.e. the booking fee.
11:15 Getting CPR certifications and background checks.
11:45 How she deals with the legal issues involved with this business.
13:45 The agreement she has with the sitters.
14:45 How she will grow the babysitting business.
15:15 Where she plans to advertise her business.
17:15 Forming an LLC, getting a Tax ID, and building the website.
20:45 Doing taxes and accounting.
21:15 Revenue and hours spent on the business.
22:30 Taking payments from parents.
23:15 Services to use for background check and CPR certification.
25:30 The key to the business: solid communication with the parents.
27:00 Mistakes she's made along the way.
29:00 Her plan for going full-time with the business.

Mentioned in the Interview:

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Thank you so much for listening!

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